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Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance are dedicated specialists covering Norfolk and North Suffolk in the preservation and maintenance of trees and hedges. We believe in offering the most cost-effective solutions for the long-term management of your trees and hedges. We have qualified, experienced and highly skilled operational Arborists who can deliver a superb service offering excellent value for money.
All our tree works are conducted to completely satisfy the requirements of BS3998 (1989) and comply with industry best practice and current Arboricultural standards.
Our range of services are detailed below.

Tree & Hedge Services

*Crown Thinning
This involves removing some secondary branch growth to create a less dense crown.

*Crown Raising (Crown Lifting)
This involves removing some of the lower branches, this is often done to trees near footpaths and roads to allow traffic to pass safely.

*Crown Reduction
Crown reduction reduces a tree’s crown while still maintaining its natural shape. This is different to ‘topping’, which is not acceptable.

*Crown Cleaning/Dead wooding

Deadwood pruning is the removal from the tree of dead, dying or broken branches and diseased branch wood. This can be significant for the health of the tree and help maintain the health of the tree.


Heavy Crown Reduction Pruning or Pollarding techniques are sometimes appropriate

where the tree is simply too large for its location or in instances where extensive defects and weakness might make the tree unstable. Severe pruning of this type can stimulate vigorous regrowth.


Tree felling is the complete removal of a tree. Where space allows, the tree is felled in a single section using various techniques to control the direction of fall. Dismantling a tree involves the careful lowering of branches and timber so as not to cause damage or destruction to surrounding plants and structures.

*Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding provides the most efficient form of stump removal. With minimum disturbance we can grind a tree stump down to 18” below the surface which is an adequate depth for laying a lawn or concreting over.

*Target Pruning

This entails a small reduction to a specified area of tree in a sympathetic manner to clear property lights, signs or other objects and is a very cost-effective way of managing a tree. It can also be applied to a specialised technique for decay control.

 *Formative pruning

Pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth to establish a sound branch structure or desired form and/or correct effects or weakness.

Dangerous and Fallen Tree Removal

It can be frustrating when a tree falls on your property and sometimes involves the efforts of a whole team to clear up. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all tree emergencies.

Without warning, a tree can fail and fall, causing damage to all kinds of property, as well as driveways and paths. Vital access points for emergency services can get blocked and can also disrupt your daily routine.

Our company has dealt with all kinds of emergency tree situations since we started and will do everything in our power to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Take a look at our emergency procedure below.

Standard Procedure for Emergencies

– The affected area will be secured with barrier tape and warning signs

– For insurance purposes the damage will be assessed and noted

– Fallen or dangerous trees will be cut into sections and removed

– The left-over waste will be cleared up spotless

– The surrounding area will be made safe and accessible

Regular Tree Maintenance

Trees require regular maintenance for them to remain healthy, disease and pest free. A badly neglected tree is far more likely to fall during bad weather and storms than one that is regularly maintained.

If you think your trees are in bad shape and need tending, give us a call. We can send a tree surgeon out to inspect your trees and identify any potential threats or weak structures before they fall.

Call today on 07905 612127 today, for all your emergency tree surgery requirements.


*Hedge Work

We cover all aspects of hedge work ranging from ornamental to wild and rural, reducing height and width or just trimming, creating a neat and tidy form. We will also advise on legal obligations including the ‘High Hedges Act’.


We can source, supply and plant a huge range of trees, shrubs and hedging plants. We can advise on species and locations for planting schemes from simple replacements to large-scale commercial projects.

*Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees are trees which, because of their age, size or condition are of exceptional value culturally, in the landscape or for wildlife. These trees present unique management problems and we can provide a complete service for veteran tree management including advice on grants that may be available for their upkeep.


*Woodland Management

We can advise and deliver woodland management schemes to both maintain woodlands and promote bio-diversity. We are also able to give advice on grant schemes available for woodland management.

*Tree preservation Orders (T.P.O.) and Conservation Areas

We can act as an authorised agent for clients dealing with applications for tree works covered by T.P.O. and within Conservation areas and meet with officials of the Local Authorities to discuss the specifications.

Grounds Maintenance Contracts

We have been regularly maintaining the grounds of many private and commercial customers for over 10 years now and use our experience to provide clients with the best possible service.

Our grounds maintenance programs are well suited for large estates where all types of trees, shrubberies, lawns and flower beds need tending to on a regular basis. We can arrange short and long-term contracts for businesses, councils, schools, private houses or commercial sector.

We are well equipped to undertake all regular maintenance tasks such as, tree cutting, shrub trimming, stump grinding and lawn moving to name a few. We maintain our grounds to the highest possible standards and always achieve top quality results.

Grounds Care & Maintenance Services

Below is a detailed list of all grounds maintenance services we provide:
Tree/Shrub Maintenance – Tree & shrub cutting/trimming and general care
Hedge Maintenance – Hedge cutting/trimming and general care
Lawn Maintenance – Fertilizing lawns, mowing and keeping lawns tidy
Shrub/Tree Planting – Planting or transplanting trees and shrubs
Climber Control – Removing and pruning of ivy from buildings and trees
Weed Control – Weed removal from pavements and around buildings
Cleansing Maintenance – leaf clearance
Clearance Work – removing trees, shrubs and roots

Garden Services

Garden Clearance
Complete clearance of overgrown shrubs and trees. Site cleared ready for replanting or landscaping.

We can provide a wide range of high quality fences for both domestic and commercial customers, all of which are built to last.
From the initial consultation and designs, through to erecting the fence and any maintenance that is required, we can handle all your fencing needs.

Turf laying

From site clearance to soil preparation and laying, we take care of everything for you and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our comprehensive range of turfing services includes:
New turf laying
Site clearance
Soil preparation

*Recycling Waste
We recycle 95% of our waste.
*Insurance Details
We operate with £5 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employers Liability Insurance.

*Risk Assessment
Every job is covered by a detailed risk assessment which is available upon request.

*British Standards
All tree pruning has an impact upon tree health and there needs to be good justification for it. We will do any necessary work in line with current British Standards: BS 3998 (1989) ‘Recommendations for Tree Work’.

*Method Statement
Detailed method statement which is available on request.

*Equality & Diversity Policy
Sarginson Garden and Tree Services are committed to promoting equal opportunities, valuing diversity and tackling social exclusion in everything it does. Our aim is equality for everyone including workers, customers and the general public, we will shape our services and employment practices accordingly. We recognise that we must have a workforce that is as diverse as the community we live in, so that we can provide the most effective services.

Sarginson Garden and Tree Services is an established and progressive company based in the East of England. We provide a complete and professional Arboricultural service to both domestic and commercial clients.

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