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Tree Surgeon Norwich

Arborcare’s tree removal service in the Norwich area is tailored to adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Our team has expertise in the safe removal of trees from various properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings.

We utilise cutting-edge equipment to safely extract trees while preserving the integrity of the surrounding property.

In addition to tree removal, we also provide tree felling services. This entails cutting down a standing tree in a specific direction, ensuring it falls safely in the desired location without causing harm to nearby structures.

Tree Pruning Norwich

Pruning trees is a crucial aspect of tree care. Our skilled team is trained in the proper techniques of tree pruning to preserve the health and visual attractiveness of your trees.

As well as using advanced equipment, our tree surgeons will conduct a thorough inspection of the tree to identify any indications of disease or insect infestation prior to commencing any work.

We can remove dead or diseased branches, as well as carefully thinning crowns to minimise wind resistance and increase the amount of light that enters your property.

Crown Reduction and Raising

We provide crown reduction and crown raising services in and around Norwich to enhance the natural lighting on your property and reduce wind resistance in taller trees.

Our team employs effective pruning methods to decrease the height of tree canopies, ensuring the tree’s health and structure are maintained. Additionally, we provide crown raising services to enhance view lines for taller trees or create clearance for power lines or buildings.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the process of eliminating deceased branches and limbs from the tree’s crown, as well as removing any small sections that are already lifeless or decaying.

By eliminating these lifeless branches, we can stimulate fresh growth in your trees. Dead wooding also eliminates any risks presented by weak or damaged branches during stormy weather conditions.

Furthermore, it deters pests from occupying vulnerable sections of your tree and spreading disease throughout its canopy.

We also consider the impacts of removing dead wood from trees and ensure that it does not have a detrimental effect on the tree’s overall health.

Woodland Management Norwich

Maintaining a woodland calls for a careful equilibrium of knowledge and expertise, and that’s where our committed team at Arborcare excels.

Having extensive experience in dealing with both commercial and residential forested areas across Norfolk and Suffolk, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies and difficulties involved in woodland management.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to land management, collaborating closely with you to achieve your goals while prioritising the well-being and sustainability of the forest.

We offer guidance and implementation of woodland management plans to preserve woodlands and enhance biodiversity. Additionally, we provide advice on available grant schemes for woodland management.

Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance programs are perfectly suited for expansive estates across Norwich, requiring regular attention to a variety of trees, shrubs, lawns, and flower beds.

We can facilitate both short and long-term contract arrangements for businesses, councils, schools, private residences, and the commercial sector.

We have the necessary tools and expertise to handle various routine maintenance tasks, including tree cutting, shrub trimming, stump grinding, and lawn mowing, to mention a few.

Hedge Trimming Norwich

Trimming hedges is crucial for garden upkeep and provides numerous advantages. Keeping your hedges regularly trimmed not only promotes their health but also enhances their appearance, ensuring they look tidy and appealing. Consistent maintenance helps prevent issues like disease or excessive growth.

Our hedge trimming services encompass various hedge types such as conifers, beech, laurel, privet, and yew. With expertise in both formal and informal pruning techniques, we can shape and size your hedges to meet your specific preferences.

Whether you desire a precisely shaped box hedge or a topiary style with a more natural look, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

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If you require any form of tree surgery service in the Norwich area, contact our friendly team at Arborcare today. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist with your enquiry and discuss your needs in detail.

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Why choose us

Why choose us

We are proud to provide the highest standard of workmanship to every customer. All of our services, no matter how big or small, are carried out by our qualified team of arborists who can deliver a superb service offering excellent value for money.


We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers and we take the utmost pride in our work. We have certified technicians on hand who have years of experience with tree services that adhere to safety standards.


Reliability is an important factor for any business. Our team of experts are on hand to answer any queries or discuss potential tree services with you. We are also available 24/7 in case of emergency and will always arrive promptly when scheduled.


With almost 20 years of experience in tree surgery and arboriculture, we are highly skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering the best results for each customer.

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