Quality Assurance

Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance is a small but expanding Tree Surgery, Grounds Maintenance and landscaping company serving Norfolk, North Suffolk and the surrounding areas.

By striving to ensure the value of our service along with the highest quality of customer care as the company develops we hope to provide total customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

We aim to:

Carry out works in an efficient and professional manner

– Give an accurate appraisal of how our range of services can be matched to customer requirements

– Give attention to specific customer requests

– Provide aftercare where necessary

– Ensure that all statutory laws and local council policies are adhered to

– Ensure members of staff are polite and courteous and aware of our policies

To achieve this goal, we have a staff welfare policy to help to continue to attract able and well qualified staff, identifying and implementing training requirements to maximise potential and provide high quality workmanship.

Travis Sarginson

Customer Care Policy

This document sets out the standard of care and how it is maintained. It lets customers know:
– that we do care about our work and what our customers think of it
– what they can expect from u
– what to do if they are not satisfied or have a complaint

Defining the standards

Our standards are defined by our customers so that we deliver the best care for them. We will:
– Regularly ask customers for their opinions on our service
– Use these opinions to shape the service we provide
– Be honest with customers about the services we can and can’t provide

Staff commitment
Our staff are essential in delivering our services and ensuring our customers are satisfied. We will:
– Ensure our staff are sufficiently trained and competent to deliver our services
– Ensure our staff treat all customers with respect, courtesy and understanding

How we communicate
Efficient correspondence with customers is essential in keeping them satisfied. We will:
– Listen carefully to the customer
– Be polite, honest and accurate with the information we provide
– Respond to all enquiries promptly and with courtesy
– Ensure the customer understands all information provided
– Conduct correspondence professionally and confidentially
– Inform customers of any changes or delays in good time
– Provide alternative sources for services where we cannot help
– Keep customers informed of any subsequent stages in the process

How we deliver the standard
– Provide written quotations for works including terms and conditions which may apply
– Ensure written quotations are uncomplicated and clearly worded and provide a measurable specification for works to be undertaken
– Ensure that customers are aware of our liability insurance and provide a copy with every written quotation
– Upon acceptance of the quote, schedule a date for works or a follow-up communication, establish what paperwork (Local authority consents) is required and make arrangements to acquire this
– All tree surgery work is undertaken, where applicable, to BS3998:2010 recommendations for tree work
– All works is undertaken to minimise the risk of damage
– Where damage to property does exist, this will be repaired/replaced or compensated for to the satisfaction of the customer
– Ensure the property is left clean and tidy and as we found it and to the customer’s satisfaction
– Provide a clear and uncomplicated written invoice following work where payment is not immediately received and a receipt for payment upon request.

Measuring the standards
We want to ensure that our customer care is optimal, this will be measured by our customers. We will:
– Seek regular feedback on customer satisfaction
– Investigate all complaints thoroughly and in a timely fashion
– Use feedback and results of complaint investigations to influence changes in customer care

If you are not satisfied or have a complaint about the conduct/behaviour of a member of the team, our service or our work, then please contact us.

Wildlife and Ecology Policy
Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance aim to conduct its business operations and tasks in a manner that reflects best environmental practice and implement the principles of sustainable development.

We recognise that all our activities and operations impact on the environment and that we have an obligation to manage and minimise these impacts and adhere to the wildlife and countryside act 1981.

Responsibilities of Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance include
– To provide accurate information and advice to clients, in relation to wildlife and ecology sustained by any trees in question.
– To provide aftercare to clients in relation to sustainable wildlife on site
– To ensure that all staff members are aware of their obligation in relation to the wildlife and countryside act 1981.
– To ensure that site specific risk assessments that are carried out include the risk to wildlife and ecology.
– To ensure that all members of staff are aware of Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance procedures in relation to nesting birds.
– To ensure that all members of staff are aware of Sarginson Garden & Tree Services procedures in relation to presence of bats.
– To ensure that all staff carry out a brief inspection of a tree before commencing work within the crown of a tree as part of company best practice, in relation to wildlife and health and safety.
– To work with local and relevant authorities regarding the impact of scheduled or proposed work in relation to localised wildlife and ecology.
– To look out for unwanted pests and diseases and ensure where appropriate, that arising’s are managed where necessary in accordance with guidelines and the law.

Older trees
Trees are highly important in terms of conservation, wildlife and ecology. Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance also acknowledge the importance of older trees, particularly large specimens in relation to the habitats of fungi and rare invertebrates such as beetles. The aging of trees creates a habitat for wildlife and although sometime difficult, where possible provisions should be taken to ensure the minimum amount of tree surgery is taken place to afford the maximum protection to localised wildlife and ecology. When trees are removed where possible the option of replanting should be considered and offered to our clients.

Deadwood is essential to the local ecosystem as it provides a habitat for bats, fungi and invertebrates. It also provides nesting material for nesting birds and a source of food for species such as wood peckers. Although Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance are aware that as much deadwood as possible should be retained in both a lying and standing state, Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance must insure that health and safety take precedence and there for the removal of deadwood in urban situations is often necessary. Where it is possible Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance will aim to leave cut deadwood on site.

Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance understands the business it conducts has an impact on the environment and accepts responsibility for the effects of its operations on both the locally and globally. For these reasons we are committed to recycling and being as efficient as possible and set out below are the minimum standards to which we adhere:

Abiding by the company wildlife and ecology policy
Incorporating into site specific risk assessments any impact on environment
Ensuring all vehicles meet standards set by the London low emissions zone and EU directives

Planning and taking the shortest routes possible when traveling to and from jobs
Using bio degradable chain and two stroke oils
Not to allow vehicles and plant to be let idling
Meeting all government legislation regarding the removal of contaminated or diseased waste

Abiding by the following acts:
1. Countryside Rights of way Act (2000) 2. Control of pesticides Regulations (1986) 3. Food and Environment Protection Act (1985) part III 4. Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)

Holding the relevant waste carries licence and complying with the environmental agency

Ensuring that all waste is recycled and reused in the following ways:
1. Logs to be dried for use in woodworking or as firewood 2. Woodchip to be reused or composted 3. Other green waste to be composted
Communication between clients to be done electronically where possible
To ensure all staff have access to and are aware of this policy

Arborcare Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance regularly checks it performance and strives to become more environmentally friendly where possible and reducing its carbon footprint.

Travis Sarginson